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General Features

The Field Trip ManagerTM System is an easy to use, affordable, modular software solution for Transportation Departments to manage field trips.
The basic Field Trip Manager System has four primary modules:
Request Center - view and manage trip requests, including driver directions and special instructions Billing Center - for entering mileage, times, and costs and management of billing information
Driver/Bus Assignment - assign drivers and buses based on factors such as driver seniority and bus capacity Reporting and Invoicing - numerous pre-formated invoices and management reports
There are three additional modules to enhance productivity:
Email Module - send confirming emails with trip information back to the requestor once the request is approved.
Custom Reports & Spreadsheets Module - format and manipulate the data for your specific needs. Special reports can be created and saved. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, HTML, ASCII, and dBase III files.
Internet Module - now you can use the Internet to handle field trip requests and approvals, reducing data entry workload and making field trip management easier for everyone involved - teachers, coaches, principals, and the Transportation Department.

  • Teachers, coaches, or administrators can enter trip requests whereve they have access to a web browser.

  • Emails can be sent to principal, site supervisors, etc. alerting them to approve new requests, which they can do via a web browser.

  • Approved trips (if desired) can be viewed over the web by parents and students with password access protection.

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