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NEW: Internet Module

General Features

Internet Module

The new Internet module enables the FTM System to have users input and approve trip requests over the Internet. The users connect via a web browser to input, check on trip status, and approve trips. Parents can even use a web browser to view (with a password you provide) approved field trips for times and other pertinent information.

The diagram below shows how information flows with the Internet Module between the requesters, approvers, and Transportation Department, and the rest of the FTM System.

Field Trip Manager

The screen images that follow show what the Transportation Department sees to manage the Internet submitted trip requests.

Field Trip Manager

Each person requesting trips is assigned with their default approvers (up to four), along with what school/department they belong to and what account is normally charge for their trips. After a request is submitted, an email is sent to the first person who approves the trip, and subsequent emails go to any additional approvers to notify them to log into the FTM System. The approval status of requests can be monitored as seen on the image above. Details of the trip's particulars, such as the person approving the trip for the Transportation Department, are seen in the image below.

Field Trip Manager

Once the trip request is completely approved, it is transferred from the Internet Module data file into the request file of the basic FTM System for subsequent processing, such as driver and bus assignment and sending of email back to the requester with the final details of the approved trip.

User's Web Browser Interface

The Web based implementation of the FTM Internet module is geared towards districts with a mixture of users having Macintosh, UNIX, or Windows/Intel type PC computers. All users have then can access the system through their web browser.

A person requesting trips is provided with the web address that connects the browser to the FTM System, which is hosted on one of your district's computers. Typically the user bookmarks the webs URL address. The image below shows that the user first gets a login screen and proceeds from there.

Field Trip Manager

After login, the user selects what they want to do.

Field Trip Manager

For what happens next, please contact us for a live Internet demonstration.

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